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About Us

Mission Statement – Emmaus Haven is a temporary homeless shelter program for men and women that will encourage them to rebuild their lives, personally, spiritually, in a warm and safe setting.

Goals – Emmaus Haven’s goals for each individual is that they are safe, dry, warm, fed, encouraged to be his or her better self, set on a spiritual path if he or she desires, and learning.

Vision Statement – The overall goal is to help homeless people improve their quality of life becoming self-sufficient and becoming re-established in the community decreasing homelessness.

Emmaus Haven seeks to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring in Venango County. Through temporary and transition housing programs, medical outreach, supportive serves and other assistance initiatives, we will do our best to help those who are homeless, one individual at a time.


Homelessness in Venango County can be categorized a few different ways. We see people who are “Street” Homeless. These are the ones that are literally homeless and report that they have nowhere to go. We see an average of  5 – 7 individuals per month. We also receive numerous calls from people who are about to be evicted due to an inability to pay their rent.


A typical story is that of Mary M. (her name has been changed) who was unable to stay where she was because she could not pay her rent or find any employment consistent with her skill set.  Her background included courses at BHU and VTECH,  but she had very high levels of  anxiety which made keeping a job for a sustainable period of time difficult.  With our help, she was able to get funding to get her into her own apartment.  She got a job, is now on HUD, and is now working and living and paying for her own place.

Peter H. came to us after being told to leave the place he was staying due to an altercation.  His background included felony convictions, but he did possess a college degree. With our help, he found a job and was able to move into his own apartment 

Anna A. was discharged from rehab and found that she had nowhere to go.  She eventually found a full-time job, lived in bridge housing temporary housing until she was able to move out and live on her own.

All the above individuals were able to take part in the County’s   Bridge House Transitional Apartments Program. There are currently 3 apartments with 2 bedrooms each and it can house a total of 6 people. Each has their own bedroom, but shares a common kitchen, bath and living/dining room area. The housing case manager works with each individual to help identify the reasons and barriers each has in finding permanent housing. The individual will then work addressing these underlying causes and, hopefully, correct them, to better find a path to permanent housing.